Terms of Design

Design Credits:

Once your design is installed, credit will be given to me in the form of a button linking back to this site, as well as text at the bottom of your page. The button and text are to remain on your blog as long as you have the design. The button can be relocated in your sidebar, but neither are to be deleted.


All payments are made via Paypal. When you submit your payment, you are agreeing to these terms. I will send you a Paypal invoice for your custom design once you get to the top of the "Next Up" waiting list. If you don't have PayPal account, you can still pay by credit card on PayPal. In some cases I am willing to take a check if you mail it to me before the process starts.


Due to the nature of this business and the services I provide, there are no refunds.

Wait Times:

Wait times will depend on the volume of clients I have at the time you make your order. Usually I should be able to start on your custom design within a few weeks, but it may take longer (1-2 months) depending on the orders I have at the time. Feel free to inquire about the current wait time in your order form and I'll let you know! If you are in a hurry, I am now offering a rush order for an extra fee. If you want to see the updated waiting list you can always check the sidebar on my blog.


This will be done via email. It is important that you check your email frequently during the custom design process in order for me to finish your custom blog design in a timely manner. My hours are Monday-Friday, so please don't expect emails over the weekend.


I want you to be happy with your new blog design and will gladly make a reasonable amount of revisions/adjustments to your custom design free of charge during the design process. However, if your revisions become excessive (taking more time than usual for me to complete your order) I will let you know if /when this situation occurs and will need to charge you $20 per hour for any additional time I spend on your design revisions.

Fixing Your Mistakes:

If you accidentally make a mistake (ex: delete something, mess up your template somehow etc.) after I've applied your design, I can fix it for you if you'd like, however, since it will take up time to fix the problem, there will be extra fees. You will be sent an invoice and once that is payed I will go in and fix the problem for you :)

My Responsibility:

I am only responsible for creating your blog design to your liking and applying it to your blog. If you are not familiar with the Blogger platform, I am not responsible for teaching you how to use your blog (posting, adding gadgets, pictures etc.) It is up to you to learn/know how to use your blog.


If you get a custom design by me, your header or page screenshot could be added to my portfolio linking to your blog (so that people can see examples my work.) If you don't want me to link to your blog please let me know.

You may not:

Edit/Alter my custom designs or templates or share them with anyone else for any reason.
Claim my designs as your own or remove the design credits.

All terms of design are subject to change. If you have any questions about my Terms of Design, please feel free to email me at kassiegarlock@gmail.com. Thanks!